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Frequently Asked Questions:

Make sure you don't settle for less! Every employment situation is unique, but no situation is “take it or leave it”. We will assist you in negotiating your compensation, benefits, and incentives package. Don’t leave dollars, benefits, and perks off the table!

I don’t think I can negotiate the job offer I received because the company has established salary ranges, fixed benefits, certain incentives/perks, and I may lose the offer, right?

Wrong! No employment offer is a “take it or leave it” situation. All offers can and should be negotiated. Your new employer EXPECTS you to negotiate the offer, even after they tell you it’s the best they can do. Don’t leave dollars, benefits, and perks off the table.

Should I sign a non-compete clause, arbitration agreement, confidentiality clause, and/or other restrictive covenants in my employment application or agreement?

Think twice before signing anything! In many states, any agreement an employee signs is not valid unless the employer provides something to the employee to enter into the agreement. For example, reasonable restrictions on your ability to work in a business that competes with your former employer are usually lawful. Whether the agreement is deemed reasonable ordinarily depends on the duration of the restriction; its geographic limits; and the activity prohibited. Interpretations of law vary widely from state to state. It is best to contact us to determine whether the restrictions placed on you are legal.

Contact us to be sure you ask for everything you have earned and deserve, such as the right amount of incentive compensation, vacation/PTO, perks, private equity/stock options, deferred compensation, retirement benefits, and insurance coverage that others are receiving at your level of employment.

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